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Just the tonic! Refreshing, this revitalising cup helps to soothe one's soul and settle the stomach.

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Tea: Pyramid Tea Bags x 100
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  • Type: Herbal Tea

    Peppermint leaves freshly harvested from the finest farms in the USA. Naturally caffeine free.

    Pyramid tea bags and loose Leaf tea.

    100% biodegradable soilon, a plant-based material.

  • Spilling the tea...

    Peppermint's cool! A big hitter in the herb garden, it’s a hybrid of spearmint and water mint and whilst it shares similarities to spearmint it packs a more potent punch with spicy notes hence the "pepper" in its name.

    Have you heard? As the myth goes Persephone, Greek goddess of agriculture and vegetation suspected her husband Hades, God of the underworld, and Minthe, a nymph of having a spicy tryst.

    A wife green with envy, Persephone transformed the mistress into a perennial herb to grow wildly underfoot. Regarding the curse too severe, Hades allowed her to remain a weed but endowed her with a pleasing fragrance and soothing and cooling properties serving as a reminder of her presence.

    Jumping forward from the ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian peppermint potions and lotions we still utilising this healing herb today to help remedy digestive disorders and other health and beautyconditions.

  • Cup Notes: Clean & Peppery

    From the first sip enjoy a sweetness, followed by a big hit of Mint freshness leaving you with a cooling mouthfeel to finish.