Proudly crafting coffee in Melbourne since 1879.

We have grown up with Australia and have watched the coffee market take shape and reshape time and again. There's one thing has remained constant throughout - our love of coffee.

Our experience and team put us in a unique place in the Australian coffee landscape. We have taken all the learnings and knowledge of our years in coffee roasting and blend this with smart, sustainable initiatives. This formula allows us to deliver exceptional roast quality and volume today, and for years to come.

To us, coffee is best shared with family and friends. As an Australian-owned family business, our family values flow through all that we do. From sourcing our beans, to our team, right through to the company we keep. Everyone is family.

Consistently great coffee.

We roast daily with one of Australia’s most innovative and sustainable roasting facilities.

Our fully integrated Brambati roastery has some of the most advanced technology available and ensures our coffee quality and consistency with every roast, time and time again.

Our blends have been crafted with over 140 years’ experience. Our coffee range has something for every palate - from exotic single origins, through to blends that carry beautifully through milk. We're committed to providing high-quality product that is ethically and sustainably sourced and offer several Australian Certified Organic and Fairtrade Certified coffees.

So, whether you're the cafe barista, home coffee enthusiast, or just a coffee fan in general – we have something for you. Shop Coffee.

Our environmental and social impact.

We’re on a journey to ‘closed loop coffee’. We're implementing sustainable initiatives to become one of Australia's most sustainable roasters from crop-to-cup. For us, sustainability means minimising our environmental impact, maximising our social impact and creating economic sustainability for coffee growers, café owners and coffee consumers.

We're focused on doing what we can to reduce carbon emissions at our own roastery, finding viable and legitimate re-use for coffee waste, and using a little disruptive thinking and clever minds from inside and outside the coffee industry to tackle the bigger picture of coffee supply chain challenges. Read more about our closed loop coffee initiatives here.

We believe coffee is best shared with family and friends. In line with this ideology, we endeavour to give back to the community through the charities we support. Locally, we fundraise and provide barista training for Melbourne City Mission who provide support, guidance, and personal development services for disadvantaged youth. 

Griffiths Bros celebrates diversity, is a proud equal opportunity employer and committed to Indigenous representation.