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Minas Mocha 500g


The authentic artisan coffee made with freshly roasted beans, blended and finely pulverised in Melbourne, Australia.

How to brew a traditional pulverised Greek, Turkish and Arabic style coffees.

You'll need: Briki or Cezve, water, cup, spoon.


1. Add around 60mls of water to Briki  or Cezve.
2. Add sugar to taste:
- Sketos: No sugar, strong and bold taste.
- Metrios: One sugar, balanced flavour.
- Glykos: Two sugars, sweet tasting.
3. Add one heaped teaspoon/18g of OASIS pulverised coffee.
4. Heat over low flame and stir lightly.
5. Simmer until a crema (kaimaki) has formed. Turn heat off before boiling point.
6. Pour into cup and stand for 30 seconds to allow coffee sediment to settle.
7. Enjoy and drink until you reach the coffee sediment.