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OASIS Turkish Style Light


Enjoy the traditional taste of Oasis' Light Turkish style coffee now made with freshly roasted coffee beans. A signature blend, it's finely pulverised with specialised equipment on site by our family run, Australian owned business.

Light Turkish Style Coffee
Light - Medium roast
Smooth and mild delivering a delightful Turkish style Coffee
Mild body enjoy spicey earthy notes
Strength ●●○○○

How to brew an authentic pulverised coffee
You'll need: Cezve, water, cup, spoon.

  1. Add around 80mls of water for each cup you are making into a small saucepan or traditional Cezve.
  2. Place over a medium-high heat and once warm add 1-2 heaped teaspoons of Pure Turkish Style Coffee for each cup. Do not stir, allowing the coffee to float to the surface.
  3. Add sugar to taste if preferred, not stirring.
  4. Once coffee begins to sink, stir several times and turn down heat to low.
  5. A thick crema will start to build but keep coffee at the foaming stage for as long as possible without letting it come to a rolling boil.
  6. Pour coffee slowly, making sure there's an equal amount of crema for each cup. Stand for 30 seconds to allow coffee sediment to settle.
  7. Enjoy and drink until you reach the coffee sediment.