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OASIS Traditional Tavli Board


Our Tavli boards are inspired by the renowned whitewashed architecture of Greece and OASIS signature blue.


  • Manopoulos handcrafted in Greece
  • 30 marbleized plastic checkers in Cyclades White and OASIS Blue
  • 4 dice
  • 1 black doubling cube
  • 1 set of plastic Dice Cups
  • Gift box
  • Playing field printed plastic-coated and varnished wood
  • Exterior field printed plastic-coated and varnished wood
  • Frame laminated wood
  • Available in travel size
 Size guide
Travel  30 x 17cm
Traditional 48 x 26cm


Traditional craftsmanship and flawless manufacturing techniques, handed down from generation to generation, come alive in Manopoulos’ factory in Greece. A rare blend of superb craftsmanship and a passion for moulding the extraordinary, transforms carefully selected materials into fine Manopoulos creations. Each creation carries a bit of our soul and legacy.