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V60 Coffee Dripper 02

V60 Coffee Dripper 02

V60 Ceramic Drippers are perfect to brew coffee using the gentle yet effective pour over method.

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Colour: Gloss Pink Tiamo
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  • Features & Benefits:

    To promote even extraction through the entire bed of coffee each open base coffee filter features a conical shape, spiral grooves and is made from porcelain ceramic for even heat dispersion. It can be placed on cup, carafe or jug with diameter from 4 cm.

    Available in multiple colours to impart style and a pop of colour into your space.  Each box includes coffee scoop for precise measurements, filters and drip tray. 

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  • How to Brew:

    1. Start by placing your filter into the brewer and rinsing your filter thoroughly with hot water.
    2. Measure and add your coffee, start your timer and pour 10-15% of your total brew water evenly over the grounds.
    3. After 30 seconds have elapsed on your timer begin adding the rest of your water to the brewer; keep a slow and even pour, moving in concentric circles from the centre outward (up to ~¼” from the edge of the brewer). Continue until you’ve added water to your desired brew ratio and let all of the water finish flowing through the brewer.
    4. Total brew time should be around 3 minutes for a brew around 400mL; expect faster brew times around 2 minutes for smaller brews, and brew times getting as long as 5–6 minutes for bigger brews.

  • Specifications:


    • Coffee measure spoon
    • 40 x non-bleach coffee filters
    • Drip tray


    • Colour: Gloss White, Gloss Pink, Matte Black
    • V02 Capacity: 1-4 cups - up to 500mL
    • Material: Ceramic to retain heat