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Tony's Dreaded Chop

Tony's Dreaded Chop

Tony, our valued Coffee Specialist has been raising funds for the Cancel Council through Cancer Council Vic.

Super happy to be able to support Tony's ‘Dreaded Chop’, we’ve donated $500 towards his goal of $10,000.

Tony's mum rests at Apollo Bay Cemetery and it was here over the holidays under the watchful eye of Tony's nephew and #1 supporter Idris,  that he and his sister Sonia chose to have a showdown with a shaver.

Tony's mates Simon and Rhys were tasked with completing the 'Dreaded Chop'. The buzz cut took only 45 minutes to shave away the the long locks that were years in the making.

"I feel so liberated.  It's a little cooler around the neck but everyday tasks are much easier now without having to navigate a giant mop atop of my head" says Tony, who has been spotted attempting to shift ghost dreads before he sits down.

Tony's sister Sonia also shaved her way to raising over $5000.

Tony has been overwhelmed by the support and wanted us to share his heart warmed thanks to loved ones, colleagues and customers along with the friends he hasn't met yet and amazing anonymous givers.

Tony is just shy of his goal so join us in supporting his great new look for a good cause and read more on how he’s been touched by the big C via his story ‘Tale of two Mothers’ visit the link below.

Click here to learn more and support.