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The Grind. Sifting Through the Sentiment.

The Grind. Sifting Through the Sentiment.
Photo: Issue #05 Caffeine Magazine Australia

Full article originally published in Caffeine Mag Aus / Edited by Phil Wain & Steve More.

The Grind. Sifting Through the Sentiment.

Caffeine Magazine Australia's blind taste review of our Papua New Guinea Light.



Papua New Guinea Light - Filter Roast
Varietal: Typica
Origin: Papua New Guinea
Region: Chimbu Province
Process: Fully washed
They say: “Tea, and honey with notes of apricot.”

These beans are sourced from the Chimbu Province in the central highlands of PNG, where the high altitude (over 1,500m) and rich volcanic soil creates near-perfect conditions for cultivation.

Slower growth at altitude allows for more nutrients to be absorbed into the fruit; resulting in higher levels of sweetness and natural acidity. This can present as ‘bright’, ‘tart’ or indeed ‘sour’ flavours and the natural sugars need to be balanced to compliment these.

Ed Cutcliffe (The Little Marionette) felt the mouthfeel was good acidity and the pleasant lemon acidity was balanced, with with peach and apricot fruitiness. Ben Bicknell (Five Senses) noted a pleasant orange citrus juiciness as the highlight; adding that the body, while silky, was a little thin for his liking. This was echoed by Jem Challender (Barista Hustle) who felt there was a good overall sweetness but would have preferred a bit more complexity to the flavours to give it a bit more oomph. He put this down to the light roast, saying that there was nothing actually wrong with the coffee itself.

Lighter coffees tend to perform better when brewed slowly, and we found it was complemented by at least a dash of milk.

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