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Instant Coffee, Reinvented

Instant Coffee, Reinvented

In today’s bean scene of coffee elitism, reaching for an instant brew is not typically heralded!

Like regular coffee, instant coffee contains many powerful antioxidants. A baker’s delight, given its robust flavour, dry texture and solubility, most of us agree that it tastes somewhat different to freshly ground beans – even though it is made from such!

The chemistry behind the coffee crystals.
The whole bean’s journey begins by being roasted, ground and brewed. It becomes crystallised when all the water is removed. To make it a coffee again, it is simply dissolved.

There are 2 paths to crafting Instant Coffee; Freeze drying and Spray drying.

Freeze drying – what is it?
Though a more expensive process, Freeze drying is achieved by cooking the coffee down into an extract where it is then is cooled and transformed into a slushie texture. This icy coffee is then super cooled until it forms slabs of coffee ice. The ice is then broken into fine chips and sent to a drying vacuum, where it’s vaporised culminating in Instant coffee granules.

This process is often preferred as it is said to preserve more of the coffee's quality as it doesn't require high heat and therefore little damage done to the crystals’ flavour.

The alternative drying method is Spray drying, this traditional approach involves spraying a fine mist of concentrated liquid coffee into very hot, dry air where the droplets dry to become small coffee crystals.

Often discussed, a drawback from this method is that the heat damages (sometimes removing) the coffee's natural flavour and aroma.

Our Instant Coffee
The perfect partnership of aromatic Arabica and rich Robusta beans it’s freeze-dried to lock in peak flavour. A premium dark roast, it delivers a smooth, caramel and full-bodied cup every time – when you are strapped for time!

Rich, Smooth, Caramel
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