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How to brew: Cold Brew

How to brew: Cold Brew

Looking for a cooler coffee alternative for the warmer months? Why not beat the heat with a delicious Cold Brew coffee? Cold Brew coffee, as the name suggests, is coffee brewed in cold water. This allows the full flavour of the coffee beans to be extracted and enjoyed.

So, without further to do, here’s how you brew!

What you’ll need:

Hario Cold Brew Pot (600mL)
50g coarsely ground coffee (We recommend our PNG Organic Light blend, ground to “Aeropress grind”)
600mL cold water

Brew method:

  1. Fill strainer with 50g of ground coffee and place strainer into glass pot. Adjust “o” mark on the strainer to line up with the center of spout.
  2. Drip the water in little by little at first to make sure the coffee grounds are wet. Continue pouring until water level reaches halfway up brown handle.
  3. Attached the lid and refrigerate for 12 hours (medium flavour) – 18 hours max. (strong flavour).
  4. Remove the pot from the fridge and remove the strainer too. (Add the coffee grinds to your compost, or use as a hand polish or body scrub)
  5. Best served in a glass over ice. Add milk as you wish. Enjoy.

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