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How to brew: A Greek style coffee

How to brew: A Greek style coffee

Experience the authentic taste of a Greek coffee at home. Made with freshly roasted beans that are blended and then finely pulverised, this European style coffee is rich, sweet and smooth.

In just a few minutes you can easily make a delicious Greek coffee.

Brew Method:

  1. Pour two shots of cold water into your Briki - makes 2 Demitasse Cups – Greek Coffee
  2. Add sugar to taste
    - Hardcore ‘Sketos’: 0 sugar
    - Balanced ‘Metrios’: 1 sugar
    - Sweet ‘Glykos’: 2 sugars
  3. Add 2 heaped teaspoons of OASIS pulverised coffee
  4. Heat on low flame
  5. Stir until coffee is dissolved, then don’t stir again
  6. When it foams the ‘Kaimaki’ has formed … remove from heat
  7. Pour into cup slowly to create the crema and wait 30 seconds for coffee to settle
  8. Enjoy with a glass of chilled water and a sweet treat!

OASIS Greek Briki Brew Kit: 
1 x Oasis Greek Style Coffee (200g)
1 x Authentic Copper Briki
1 x Spoon
1 x How to brew card

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OASIS  Greek and Turkish style coffees are proudly roasted, blended and pulverised by Griffiths Bros. who've crafted Australia's finest pulverised coffee since 1969!

Briki is a great addition to your home coffee kit. Traditional, authentic and copper, use this coffee pot on a standard gas or electric burner brew our OASIS coffees.

Quick, easy-brew and flavoursome, a Greek style coffee is perfect for your home coffee fix!

Watch our short how to video now.