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Brew a coffee today and make a difference for tomorrow.

Brew a coffee today and make a difference for tomorrow.
100% Fairtrade | 100% Organic

Coffee is synonymous with community and we have a collection of coffees that are both Fairtrade and Australian Organic certified as we care about people and the planet.
Fairtrade is about empowering farmers and workers in developing countries to get a better deal, through fairer prices, decent working conditions and favourable terms of trade. 

Each August, during 'Fairtrade Fortnight', we celebrate the positive mark that is made on families and communities when products carrying the Fairtrade Mark are created and purchased.

By producing Fairtrade coffee, Griffiths Bros. is choosing to give people a fair deal because the green beans are purchased by paying at least a Fairtrade Minimum Price, set to cover the sustainable cost of production, or the market price when it’s higher. 

Over and above the price, the Fairtrade Premium is also paid. The Fairtrade Premium is an additional sum of money which goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers to use – as they see fit – to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions. 

It’s what sets Fairtrade apart and why we are proud of the impact we make together through our certified products. 

Cheers to change

As we head into Australian Organic Month choose to enjoy a Griffiths Bros. Organic and Fairtrade coffee. It's a simple way you can make a difference. You support will reach farmers and their families and workers whom are trying to thrive in tough market conditions whilst they investing in strengthening their businesses, communities and future. Shop our coffees now

Look for the Australian Organic and Fairtrade logos when shopping for a brighter future for everyone and the environment. 






Quick, easy-brew and super consistent, the classic French Press is perfect for our Organic Fairtrade coffees and your home coffee fix! 

Watch our short how to video now.