Griffiths Bros. Coffee Roasters 'Best of Times' ad campaign

Celebrating our 140 years with the 'Best of Times' ad campaign

...but she could buy a great cup of coffee. 

Griffiths Bros. Coffee Roasters, your coffee fix since 1879.

Coffee is everybody’s non-negotiable, it’s got to be good and it’s got to be easy and we've been making it effortless to buy a great cup of coffee for over 140 years!

For decades we’ve proudly fuelled Australia’s love affair with coffee and in this our anniversary year the team reflected upon on our iconic name and cultural heritage as one of the Australia's oldest brands.

"Working on how to best bring our legacy to light and celebrate our provenance, it's with great excitement that we launch the ad campaign 'Best of Times'- Courtney Sims, Group Marketing Manager

This is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek campaign that has been created to illustrate that plenty of things we don’t like have changed in society since we first started roasting coffee 140 years ago, but what has remained the same is that our coffee tastes delicious. If you were to ask our head roaster, Libby, she’d tell you that it’s ridiculous that women weren’t able to vote in the late 1800’s. Then she’d go back to running our roastery, where she’s in charge.

This initiative has been developed in partnership with creative powerhouse The Reactor Group and will be launched across social and PR channels.  The objective, to leave the cups of cafe owners and coffee drinkers brimming with positive vibes!

Playful creative, the static and animated digital ad executions are designed by pairing cheeky headlines with nostalgic images of people drinking a Griffiths Bros. takeaway coffee. 

A national treasure, our story is also yours! 

Learn more about our 140+ year history here.

Client: Griffiths Bros.
Agency: The Reactor
Digital: The Reactor Group – Straight Out Digital
Marketing Manager: Courtney Sims
Head of Strategy: Angus Smallwood
Creative Director: Nick Brown
Head of Digital: Simon Blangiardo
Copy Writer: Angus Smallwood
Graphic Designer: Sophie Jeffries
Graphic Designer: Marley Edwards

Griffiths Bros celebrates diversity, is a proud equal opportunity employer and committed to Indigenous representation.


Griffiths Bros. the Best of Times ad campaign #1879



Griffiths Bros. the Best of Times ad campaign #1929




Griffiths Bros. the Best of Times ad campaign #1971


Griffiths Bros. the Best of Times ad campaign #1984


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