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OASIS Turkish Style Light

OASIS Turkish Style Light

Enjoy the traditional taste of a smooth and mild OASIS Turkish dark style coffee. 

Australia's finest pulverised coffee for the perfect crema in every cup.

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  • Blend Origin: Multiple.

    Enjoy the traditional taste of Oasis' Turkish style coffee made with fresh premium roasted beans sourced from the finest growers.  

    A signature blend with a light roast profile, it's finely pulverised with specialised equipment on site by our family run, Australian owned business.

  • How to Brew:

    You'll need: Cezve, water, cup, spoon.

    1.Add around 60mls of water to Cezve.
    2. Add sugar to taste.
    3. Add one heaped teaspoon/18g of OASIS pulverised coffee.
    4. Heat over low flame and stir lightly.
    5. Simmer until a crema has formed. Turn heat off before boiling point.
    6. Pour into cup and stand for 30 seconds to allow coffee sediment to settle.

    Serve with a glass of chilled water and drink until you reach the coffee sediment.

  • Cup Notes: Smooth & Mild

    Light - Medium roast
    Strength ●●○○○
    Mild body to deliver a delightful cup with spicy, nutty and earthy notes