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  • Single Origin
  • 500g

Mexico Chanjul 500g

Mexico Chanjul 500g

Enjoy a cup of "Cherry Madness".

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Grind: Whole Beans
Size: 500G
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  • Single Origin: Mexico

    Ixhuatlán (Triunfo Reserve, Chiapas) region is situated in the Veracruz region 1,450 meters above sea level

    Known for excellent in cup quality arabica variatels Red Bourbon cherries are processed using Anaerobic Fermentation by Ixhuatlán del café, the processing centre of the Santuario Project Mexico.

    Processing Details.
    The cherries are first harvested once they are above 24 brix, then they are soaked in water for 2 hours. The initial fermentation is 72 hours with Mossto. Then the coffee is depulped leaving 20% of the mucilage
    remaining around the seeds before undergoing a second fermentation with mossto for 48 hours. Afterwards, the cherries are sun dried and
    left to rest on African beds for 22 days. The final humidity stabilisation occurs after 6 days under shade, until finally the coffee is stored in grain pro bags.

  • Roast: Light-Medium

    The Ixhuatlán centre works with small producers from Veracruz to produce and isolate only the most exceptional lots. To ensure maximum madness in flavour we roast these Mexican beans as a small batch on our petrocini roaster.

    Ideal for brew methods such as filter, batch brew, plunger, pour over, coffee press and cold brew.

  • Cup Notes "Cherry Madness"

    Enjoy notes of Apricot and Cherry with a Buttery mouthfeel. Balanced with bright zesty citrus acidity of Grapefruit and Lemon.

    Filter Recipe:
    Dose: 15g coffee
    Bloom: 50g 30 seconds
    Total water: 250g
    Brew time: 3-4 mins brew time