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Coffee Press Bundle


A modern brew method, a coffee press is an easy way of brewing an excellent cup of black coffee at home!

In a few minutes you can serve a full-flavoured coffee!

Brew Kit includes: 
1 x Coffee Blend 500g pre ground for coffee press
1 x Rhino Compact Hand Grinder
1 x Delter Coffee Press (2 cup)
KIT RRP $120.00 | VALUE $137.90 | SAVE $17.90
    Brew Method:
    1. Place filter in cap...and rinse
    2. Slowly insert plunger into brew chamber
    3. Add freshly ground coffee to chamber and tap down with back of spoon
    4. Screw on lid, flip and set over vessel
    5. Fill chamber with boiling water
    6. Pull up the plunger 50mL, then push it back down SLOWLY
    7. This time pull up the plunger 100mL, then SLOWLY PRESS it back down
    8. Enjoy

    Watch our short how to video now.