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Autumn Mornings Bundle


This gift bundle is perfect for an indecisive friend (or for you!). 
Complete with our top trio of Autumn coffees, you can explore and taste different flavour combinations from our roasting techniques. 

Bundle includes:
1 x Autumn Seasonal Single Ethiopia Guji (500g)
FILTER Expect an enlivened coffee with tasting notes of Apricot, Jasmine and Black Tea.

1 x El Salvador Single Origin (500g)
PLUNGER Distinctive and complex aromas include light notes of smoky tobacco and orange citrus.

1 x Noir Blend (500g)
ESPRESSO Boasts notes of Dark Chocolate, Amaretto and Vanilla. Medium Body
MILK Rich, Sweet chocolate and Liquorice finish.

We grind for all coffee brewing methods, but we recommend these coffees for: