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Winter Indecisive Bundle
Winter Indecisive Bundle
Winter Indecisive Bundle

Winter Indecisive Bundle


This gift bundle is perfect for an indecisive friend (or for you!).
Complete with our top trio of Winter coffees, you can explore and taste different flavour combinations from our roasting techniques.

Bundle includes:
1 x Winter Seasonal Single Sumatra Gayo Supreme (500g)
Escape to Indonesia this Winter with our Sumatra Gayo Supreme Limited Edition Seasonal Single. A rich cup with notes of blackcurrant, cedar, spice and leather. Heavy body and grapefruit acidity carries through a dark chocolate finish. In espresso earthy characteristics are more pronounced with sugars dominating. 

1 x Kingston Blend (500g)
An exotic five bean blend, as an Espresso it delivers a medium body cup lavish with caramel sweetness and jammy apricot. Paired with milk, its’ where sweet, slightly salted caramel and milk chocolate reign.

1 x Mocha Supreme (500g)
A dark roasted blend that strikes the perfect balance; rich earth flavour and aroma, full and creamy mouth-feel, smooth cocoa finish. 

We grind for all coffee brewing methods, but we recommend these coffees for: