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Red Hot Summer Bundle

This gift bundle is perfect for an indecisive friend (or for you!). 
Complete with our top trio of coffees, you can explore and taste different flavour combinations from our roasting techniques. 

Bundle includes:

1 x El Salvador Ruby Natural(500g) 
A small batch roast enjoy Ideal for longer brew methods such as batch brew, plunger, pour over, filter and cold brew. Enjoy Cherry, Blackberry and Winey notes.

1 x Sweet Felix Blend (500g)
A light medium roast. As an espresso expect notes of butterscotch, caramel, cocoa, burnt butter and toffee apple. Medium Body. 

1 x Papua New Guinea Dark Single Origin (500g)
Grown at high altitude in rich volcanic soil, this variety boasts a sweet and fruity nature that complements its heady chocolate spice finish.

We grind for all coffee brewing methods.