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Summer Indecisive Bundle

This gift bundle is perfect for an indecisive friend (or for you!). 
Complete with our top trio of coffees, you can explore and taste different flavour combinations from our roasting techniques. 

Summer bundle includes:

1 x Organic Fairtrade Honduras Single Origin (500g)
High grown 100% certified Organic Fairtrade Honduran beans have been medium roasted to deliver  a Nutty, Wooded and mild Apricot Jam aroma.  Bursting with Brown sugar it's smooth and and sweet with a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

1 x Duchess Blend (500g)
A medium body Espresso it delivers a cup with a milk chocolate and nut body with smooth vanilla finish. Paired with milk, it exudes confidence for a cup grand with vanilla, milk chocolate and cloves.

1 x Papua New Guinea Organic Light Single Origin (500g)
Grown at high altitude in rich volcanic soil, this variety boasts a sweet and fruity nature. Enjoy a cup apricot and honey with notes of tea.

We grind for all coffee brewing methods, but we recommend these coffees for: