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French Press Bundle


Originating in the 1800's the French Press also known as Plunger brew method, has always been one of the easiest ways of brewing an excellent cup of coffee at home!

In 4 minutes you can serve a classic coffee, the French way!

Brew Kit includes:
1 x Coffee Blend 500g 
1 x Rhino Compact Hand Grinder
1 x Chambord® French Press Silver coffee maker (3 cup).
KIT RRP $120.00 | VALUE $137.90 | SAVE $17.90

    Brew Method:

    1. Place 3 table spoons of fresh, coarsely ground coffee (one per cup plus one for milk) in the French Press.
    2. Fill 1/3 of beaker with boiling water to wet all grounds and leave for 30 secs allowing coffee to 'bloom'.
    3. Fill rest of the way with boiling water, stir and place plunger lid on, with filter sitting just in the water.
    4. Let brew for between 4 mins (weaker) to 6 mins (stronger).
    5. While you wait, warm your milk to body temperature for sweetness.
    6. Plunge the press SLOWLY.
    7. Pour, serve and enjoy.

    Watch our short how to video now.