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Love Bites Bundle
Love Bites Bundle
Love Bites Bundle
Love Bites Bundle
Love Bites Bundle
Love Bites Bundle

Love Bites Bundle


For the coffee lovers. Choose your coffee fix from our best selling beans and enjoy your brew with sweet treats from our friends at Springhill Farm. 

Gift pack includes:
1 x Coffee (500g) 
1 x Dozen love bites
1 x Lemon & Yoghurt Slice 28g
A slice of paradise awaits...  Zesty lemon is whipped with Aussie oats and creamy biscuit crumb then covered in a layer of sweet, velvety yoghurt.
1 x Chocolate & Oat Slice 28g 
Make it a treat to remember, with dark couverture chocolate, Aussie oats and luscious coconut, finished with a delectable dark choc drizzle. 
2 x Raspberry & Almond Slice 28g 
Lock in your daily dose of delish with real raspberries, crushed almonds, creamy biscuit crumbs and juicy coconut, generously coated in layers of white choc and crushed almonds.
1 x Peanut Butter & Choc Slice 28g
Nut lovers, let’s dance! Crunchy peanut butter is combined with crushed peanuts, dark couverture chocolate and a hint of sea salt, then topped off with dark choc and crushed peanuts.
1 x Sour Cherry & Dark Choc Slice 28g 
Calling all Cherry lovers! This little beauty comes loaded with sour cherries, dark couverture chocolate, rich cocoa and a hint of coconut, drizzled with a double dose of dark chocolate.
2 x Cookies & Cream Slice 28g 
Meet the Cookies & Cream dream team.  Crumbly chunks of cookies are lovingly combined and juicy coconut, then generously coat them in decadent white choc and even more biscuit chunks.
1 x Almond & Choc Chip Slice 28g (GF, V) 
Bite into nutty oblivion with almond butter, luscious coconut, decadent choc chips and almond pieces, smothered in dark choc then sprinkled with crushed almonds.
1 x Coconut & Dark Choc Slice 28g (GF, V) 
Is your birthstone a cocoa bean? Meet your match with a luscious combination of dark choc, juicy coconut and delectable cocoa, all slathered with dark choc and a sprinkle of fine coconut.
2 x Classic Rocky Road Slice 20g (GF) 
Go ahead and ruin your appetite with this old-timey classic that’s jam-packed with the good stuff. We’re talking fluffy marshmallows, juicy coconut and oodles of milk, dark and white chocolate.

No exchanges. 

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